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Honors / Achievements

Awards and honors of JCB members, past and present.

  • Anna Goebel, Clarinet - District and Regional Band/ Orchestras PMEA; Philadelphia Youth Artists Orchestra
  • Annelise Depman, Saxophone - Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Claire Meaney, Flute - Music Scholarship, Bishop McDevitt High School
  • Christen Hussie, Flute - Section Flute, Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Edward Goebel, French Horn - 1st Chair French Horn, Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Emily McClosky, Flute - Section Flute, All Catholic Honor Band; Section Flute, Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Griffin Ripley, Trumpet - Archdiocesan Honor Band; Archdiocesan Honor Jazz Band
  • Jonathan Krauss, Tuba - 1st Chair Tuba, PMEA County Band
  • Krista Goebel, Flute - 1st Chair Flute, Archdiocesan Honor Band; Section Flute, All Catholic High School Band
  • Madeline Post, Flute - 1st Chair Flute of the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra; 3rd place of the Sr. div., Phil. Flute Soc. Young Artist Comp; Kimmel Center Chamber Music Camp Scholarship
  • Martin Zefelippo, Bari Saxophone - Archdiocesan Honor Band; Archdiocesan Honor Jazz Band
  • Priscilla Weishew, 3rd Chair Clarinet - County Band
  • Rebecca Judge, Clarinet - Music Scholarship, St. Basil's Academy; Immaculate Conception School, Music Award 2010; Section Clarinet, Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Samantha Lamina, Flute - 1st Chair Flute Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • Sarah Judge, Flute - Section Flute, Archdiocesan Honor Band
  • William Fisco, Saxophone - 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone, District Band PMEA


See what some of our members have to say about their experiences with the JCB.

"JCB is the perfect outlet for busy adults who want to make music with a quality ensemble. Rehearsals are relaxed but productive. Maestro Schmauk is very patient as he weaves the various parts into a unified whole. The atmosphere is completely non-judgmental, and there are parts available for modest skill levels. The music can be challenging but not out of reach. It is very rewarding to see and hear how musical pieces come together over time, culminating in a concert that audiences truly enjoy. It really is a kick to hear the applause after the band nails a piece perfectly. JCB is a great way to make good music in a fun environment."

- Mark Kleppinger, Adult Trumpeter

"I am having the time of my life playing with the Jenkintown Community Band. I'm so glad my clarinet instructor recommended getting involved with this group. As a result, my playing has improved dramatically; so has my desire to play. I'm making music with some of the most talented youth and adults I've ever met, and it's really inspiring. We did a concert recently that made me understand clearly what draws musicians to play in a band: We rocked the house and It's Awesome Fun!"

- Priscilla Weishew, Adult Clarinetist

I love the Jenkintown Community Band because of its variety. The diverse group of middle school students, high school students, and adults make the experience so much fun! I also like the different pieces we play! We always play a nice selection of jazz and classical pieces. However, the best thing about the Jenkintown Community band is the director, Mr. Schmauk. Always full of enthusiasm, Mr. Schmauk truly helps to make Jenkintown Community band rehearsals a great end to every weekend.

- Anna Goebel, High School Senior, Clarinetist